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Jump Rope Skills Tutorials for Beginners: Intro to the forward straddle

The forward straddle is a really fun trick to learn because it feels more like you’re dancing than jumping rope. This skill is the basis for lots of jump rope combinations, like the shuffle.

If you follow @kathyjumps on instagram, I think the forward straddle is her most used footwork. If you don’t follow her you really should. She is the embodiment of someone who really enjoys jumping rope and will absolutely make you want to try.

This skill can be mixed with all kinds of fun arm variations, which we will be getting to next.

What is the forward straddle ?

The forward straddle is a jump where you bring one foot back and the other one forward. It’s kind of like a mini/short lunge. As soon as the rope passes under your feet, you switch legs.

You can see a video demonstrating it here.

You can put a basic bounce in between each leg when you are just getting started.

Difficulty: This skill is a 2 out of 5.

Best Rope: Similar to the side straddle, the ideal rope for this trick is often the longest rope because there is more room for error. It is easy to learn with a PVC rope or a beaded rope. Using a weighted rope can help to slow the rope down, which makes trips easier to get.

Prerequisites: To be able to do the forward straddle you need to be able to do the basic bounce and the side straddle. The straddle and the high knees together make up the shuffle. Once you get both of these, you can start practicing your shuffle forwards and back.

Tips and Drills To Learn the Basic Bounce

Tip: Keep weight centered. There can be a tendency to move forward with your foot, but keep your weight in between the two feet.

Tip: Practice without rope first. To get the feel of this movement it’s much easier to start without a jump rope. When that feels easy, add in your jump rope.

Drill: Now that you’ve got a handful of different jumps you can do, try mixing them up. Do a 4 count or an 8 count of each one and then repeat.

  • 4 basic bounce
  • 4 boxer steps
  • 4 high knees
  • 4 side straddle
  • 4 forward straddle

Once you have the straddle down you are ready for the shuffle.

Jump rope is a great way to have some fun and get in shape. It can also improve your coordination, agility, and reflexes! The forward straddle jump is the basis for many other tricks with this simple skill. If you are having trouble getting started or want help mastering it, let me know in the comments.

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