Beaded Jump Ropes: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about adding a beaded jump rope to your workout? If you like to jump rope this is one that you need to have, in addition to a few others. You’ll find the more you like to skip rope, the more ropes you will add to your collection.

Beaded jump ropes have been around forever and they are probably what you used as a child if you jumped rope. They are a great rope for some things and not as good for others.

Advantages of a beaded jump rope

  • Jump ropes are inexpensive. Even the really pricey options like Dope Ropes are less than $30. You can even get beaded ropes on Amazon for less, like this one.
  • It’s super easy to adjust the length. All you need is scissors and a match. You can even lengthen and shorten the rope, which comes in handy. Sometimes you shorten the rope too much and you want to go back. Be sure to burn the end of the rope if you cut it to prevent the ends from fraying (that’s where the match comes in).
  • They have enough weight or feedback that they are a good rope for learning tricks. You can feel the rope going around your body more easily.
  • They come in lots of fun colors.
  • The handles are easy to switch out because they are so adjustable. If you find that you want a longer handle to work on releases they can be switched out.
  • They are very durable. If you have a bead that breaks you can replace it. I recommend keeping the extras if you shorten the rope.

Disadvantages of a beaded jump rope

  • The biggest disadvantage of a beaded rope is that they are slightly thicker to jump over because the bead is 1/4 to 1/2 inches wide. It’s also easier to catch your feet if you’re doing a lot of fancy footwork.
  • They are not as good for really quick skipping and tricks like double unders. If speed is your main goal they aren’t the best rope.

What are Soft Beads Jump Ropes?

Soft beaded ropes use a bead that has a little bit of flex to it. They are nice for jumping indoors. They are a bit quieter than regular beads. Believe it or not, the shape of the soft beads drag a little bit more in the air than regular beads, so that purple beaded rope you see turns a little bit slower than the red hard plastic one next to it. The soft ones can also get scratched up a little more if that matters to you.

beaded jump ropes

Best Sources For Beaded Ropes

The least expensive place to buy a rope is on Amazon, but for a few bucks more it’s worth it to get one from Dope Rope or Jump Roap Coach Chris. Coach Chris has great tutorials if you are at a point in jumping rope where you want to master new skills. Coach Chris has some really fun color combinations and you can customize the handle.

Why You Need Different Types Of Jump Ropes

If you like skipping rope for exercise it’s one of the most affordable forms of exercise there is. It pays to add a few different jump ropes to your collection because they can help you with different skills. Some ropes are faster, some ropes are easier to learn tricks with and some ropes help to build endurance. If you don’t own a beaded rope you should definitely try one. I also love weighted ropes and PVC or speed ropes.

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