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The Best Jump Rope Mats and Why you Must Have One

If you jump rope, getting a mat is worth the investment. Especially when you consider how cheap jump rope is in comparison to almost any sport. There is no reason not to use a mat, especially if you are jumping on cement. A mat can be a lifesaver for your feet and joints. The only time I jump without a mat is when I jump on a rug, because it gives the same benefits.

I’m going to share the different mats I’ve used and the pros and cons of each. I’ll also compare the size, price (as of summer 2021) and cushion.

Mats have advantages beyond protecting your achy feet. They can help to prevent shin splints and they protect your ropes from getting damaged. Ropes can break and crack when they are pounded against the cement every day.

Comparison of Jump Rope Mats

Crossrope Rectangular Mat – If you are a fan of Crossrope, you’ve probably seen their mats. I own the rectangular one. The disadvantage of this one is that if you do something careless like throw it over a chair instead of rolling it up, it doesn’t lay flat after that. It only takes the smallest bulge to throw off your jumping.

Crossrope Round Mat – This mat is too small for me. I like to be able to move around a little bit more. There are also reports that pieces of the mat came off, but I never experienced this with the larger one/

Dope Rope Mats – Dope rope mats come in two sizes, which is nice. They are the same thickness and cushion as the Crossrope mats. @Skippingwithsarah and @Lauren.jumps both use this mat, but it is available in the US. You can get 10% off if you go to either Instagram account.

Sensu Yoga Mat – This mat is much larger, which I like because you don’t have to jump in one spot. It has its own carrying case. It is also slightly thicker and has a LIFETIME guaranty.

Horse Stall Mats– @Kathyjumps (who you should follow if you don’t) uses a horse stall mat from the Tractor Supply. The advantage of this mat is that it’s large, thick and inexpensive. The disadvantage is that it’s heavy so you won’t want to move it around. It’s not as springy as the others.

MatSize Cushion/thicknessPrice
Crossrope/round54 in x 36 in6mm (1/4 inch) $99
Crossrope rectangle60 in x 30 in6mm (1/4 inch)$59
Dope Rope Large86 in x 43 in6mm (1/4 inch)$99
Dope Rope Small48 in x 36 in6mm (1/4 inch)$69
Sensu Yoga Mat60 in x 48 in 9mm thick$109
Horse Stall Mat72 in x 48 in19mm thick (3/4 inch)$48

Does A Yoga Mat Work For Jumping Rope?

Regular yoga mats are not good for jumping rope. Regular yoga mats are not made to cushion impact and they aren’t meant for cement. They will not hold up to lots of jumping. There are thicker yoga mats like this one that have a lot more cushion, but they aren’t meant for outdoor use.

I hope you found this helpful if you are just starting to jump rope, or if you’ve been jumping for a while with no mat.

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