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Super Slow Weight Training – Why People 50 and Up Should Try It

Do you hate weight training? What if you could do it once a week for 20 minutes? I don’t love weight training but I can make myself do it for 20 minutes once or twice a week. Weight training is essential even more as we age because it helps with bone density and prevents muscle loss, which happens naturally.

The super slow method of weight training different in two important ways. There is less risk of injury and it’s more efficient. When you practice this method of weight training you do only seven exercises.

You do very few slow repetitions instead of many fast repetitions. For example, you count to ten as you push out and another ten as you come back to the starting position. There is NO resting between repetitions. The weight is as heavy as you can stand, but you only have to keep going for 1-2 minutes on each machine.

The idea is to push until you reach muscle failure, which means you can’t go any longer. If that’s more than 2 minutes in any one exercise, that means it’s time to up the weight or resistance. This method really requires a stopwatch (or a trainer who uses one).

If you want to work out with a trainer, there are gyms that specialize in this technique. The Perfect Workout is the one in my area. The one this blogger went to was called Inform Fitness. You can find one in your area by searching “super slow weight training” and insert the name of your city.

Why Slow Weight Training Works Best

1.) Muscles work harder without momentum. When you do a lot of repetitions in a weight training workout, part of what you are using is momentum. When you move the weight VERY slowly there is no momentum to help you out. It’s much harder, but also more effective.

2.) There is also much less risk of injury. As you are moving much more slowly through the exercise, it is much easier to make sure your form is correct. This is even more likely to be true if you use a trainer.

If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Get down on the floor and do a pushup (on your knees or on your feet). Instead of moving quickly, count to 10 as you lower your body down and count to 10 as you raise back up. It’s MUCH more difficult.

How to Do Super Slow Training At Home

I love the freedom going to the gym and having the trainer set my weights and check my form. I can completely check out and focus on the exercise. What I don’t like about it is the price. I have done this workout at home and with a trainer.

Here’s what you need to do the workout at home:

  • Workout ball – I like to use a smaller one because it’s easier to handle
  • Barbell set – This one is perfect for women because it’s not as long. It is really versatile and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Resistance bands, if you can afford both these and barbells. The set I’m linking to has over 80k reviews.

I earn a small commission if you purchase through these links, which helps to support my jump rope habit. Thanks!

Seven Super Slow Weight Exercises

Leg press or squat – These leg exercises use all the muscles below your waist. The equivalent exercise at home is to use a workout ball against the wall. (My gym, which is really a small office, requires masks for both trainers and clients.)

leg press

Biceps curls – This can be done at home with a bicep curl using free weights. I’m using a set of adjustable dumbells in the photo, so you can see how plates can click in.

weight training for women over 50

Tricept push or dip – This can be done at home with tricept dip.

weight training for women over 50

Ab crunches – The crunch machine or at home you can do a plank instead of dozens of crunches.

slow weight training for women over 50

Chest press or pushup – This is easy to do at home with a slow pushup.

weight training for women over 50

Back – Lat pull, pullover or superman at home.

weight training for women over 50

Inner and Outer Thighs -At my gym they alternate between either inner/outer thighs and quads and hamstrings. You can do these with bands at home.

weight training for women over 50

Watch for a more detailed post on how to do each of these exercises at home in the super slow method.

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