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My Personal Crossrope Review – Are Weighted Jump Ropes Worth It?

First I should say, I bought these ropes with my own money, this isn’t sponsored in any way.

Since I started jumping rope about a year ago (March 15, 2020) I’ve been using a PVC jump rope that my husband had lying around. Honestly, it never occurred to me that there were a lot of jump ropes to choose from until I started watching jump rope videos. Enter the Crossrope. Once I saw it, I had to try it.

I ordered the “get fit” bundle, which goes along with my reason for jumping rope in the first place. I’m not able to do lots of tricks. My main goal with jumping rope is to get more fit without spending a lot of time working out. The get fit bundle includes a 1/4 pound rope and a 1/2 pound rope.

crossrope jumprope

Pros and Cons of the Crossrope

Jumpropes can serve different purposes. Here’s what I like and don’t like about these ropes:

Pros of Crossropes:

  • These ropes can help you get your heart rate going. They feel like a full body workout. If you feel like your jump rope workout is getting too easy (this will happen eventually), this is a great way to ramp up your workout without adding time to your workout.
  • They force you to swing the rope more slowly at first, which can make them good for practicing new footwork at a slower pace.
  • These ropes are really not for doing tricks unless you are a pretty advanced jumper. They are for building endurance and muscle.
  • They have a Youtube channel with tons of tutorials. The tutorials are really excellent, even giving you tips on how to grip the handles based on the weight of the rope.
  • They have a free app with interval workouts, which I love. There are different levels and they even incorporate different exercises if you want to mix it up. In the app they show you each move and tell you how long each interval should be. If you are just getting started with interval training this is a great tool.
  • I really like the feel of the handles and how easy they are to swap out. You order the length that is right for your height, they aren’t adjustable.

The cons of Crossrope are:

  • These ropes can irritate your shoulders when you first start to use them because until you work up the endurance you use your shoulders a lot. Start off slow and don’t use the rope for too long.
  • They hurt when they hit you more than a regular jump rope if you are missing jumps or tricks.
  • They are expensive. The get lean set was $99 for two ropes with interchangeable handles. That’s a lot for a jump rope, BUT not a lot compared to other fitness equipment.
  • They are loud. I used one in my garage with a padded mat and it was so loud that I was concerned that my neighbors would think it was a drum, at 6am. I use them inside most of the time, but I like to go outside sometimes.

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