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How to Count Jump Rope Skips: 5 reasons to do it

I recently tried adding a new jump rope to my collection.  After seeing the crossrope handles that count jumps I wanted one, but I wasn’t ready to invest $90 plus a required monthly app fee.  

It turns out you don’t have to buy that one.  There are lots of jump ropes out that count jumps for under $20.  Most of those ropes also have a timer to count the minutes of jump rope.

This is the $14 jump rope I use and my current top score.  

You might be wondering, why do I want to count jumps?

Reasons you should own a jump rope with a counter

Boredom breaker – Jumping rope like any workout routine that you do regularly can get boring.  I’ve found a few ways to make sure my jump rope workout has variation to keep it exciting.  One of the newest ways I do this is to see how many jumps I can get in a row without missing.  The other way is to learn new tricks regularly.  

It’s Hart to Count – Have you ever tried counting your jumps?  It’s fine up to 50.  After that, I don’t want to count or I can’t count very well.  The jump rope counter makes it so easy to track the number of jumps, so you only have to focus on jumping.  The rope I bought also counts the number of calories (although probably not very accurately).  I like having a goal that I’m trying to get to, first 1000 without missing, now 2000.

Builds Endurance – Do you find yourself taking lots of breaks as you jump rope?  I frequently use a timer to build in breaks, but a rope with a counter helps me build endurance.  It’s a great way to ramp up your endurance.  When I’ve got the timer on I don’t focus on a fast pace, I focus on a consistent pace without missing.  I ONLY do the basic jump with no tricks.  

Builds Your Fitness Level – I always wear a heart rate monitor when I jump rope so I can see what kind of workout I’m getting.  Exercising at a high intensity level is a great way to build fitness.  That means you try to keep your heart rate in the red zone for a certain amount of time.  I talk about heart rate (ADD LINK) in this post. Trying to build up using a counter is an easy way to get there.    

Best Jump Ropes That Count Jumps

I originally tried Crossrope for their heavy jump ropes, which I talk about here.  But their lighter ropes are great addition to your regular everyday ropes.  

They DO make a set of handles that will calculate jumps and pace and time your sets, but the only thing I don’t like is you have to subscribe.  I am tempted, but I hate to buy into subscriptions because I always find that they are a waste of money.  If money were no object, I would buy this rope with a subscription.  Their ropes are HIGH Quality.

I settled for this rope which measures jumps, has a timer and supposedly measures calories.  The advantage of this rope is that the length is adjustable.  That’s one disadvantage of Crossrope, you have to know the size when you purchase it.  

How to Begin Using the Counter

Don’t Use It Every Day – I don’t like to use the rope that counts consecutive jumps in every workout.  I find that if I bring it out once a week it adds almost a competitive twist to my skipping.  It’s a fun way to see if you can beat your own personal best.  

Use a timer with Music – I set some music on my timer that changes songs every minute so I can get an idea of how long I’ve been able to go without seeing the count.  This helps because I just think, one more minute…  I like to use the Seconds fitness app (which is an interval timer that you can customize).  It’s a great app because you can set it to change songs every xx seconds.  

Start Fresh – I only use the counter at the beginning of a workout so that I’m fresh.  I only use it for a short period of time because we all get more tired toward the end of a workout. Keep the duration of your workout short.  

Avoid tricks – I don’t do anything like high knees or double unders when I’m using the counter.  I do a basic single jump or a boxer step at a moderate pace, nothing too fast.  I don’t use a heavy rope, I use a fast rope.  

If you haven’t tried using a rope that counts your jumps, you should give it a try. It’s a great practice to add to your exercise routine.

I use affiliate links so I can afford to keep doing this. Hope it saves you time. See my disclosure policy.

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