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Jump Rope skills: how to do double unders for beginners

Double unders are one skill that everyone who jumps rope wants to be able to do, eventually. The title of this article is “for beginners”, but the truth is double unders are not a skill for most beginners.

The Jump Rope Coach Chris, who is a great one to follow for tutorials ranks skills. This one is ranked a level 4. He has a great resource library of tricks, but don’t pay attention to how quickly he says you can learn them.

If you want to jump rope with minimal impact, this is not the skill for you. Mastering it is hard and often at the beginning requires jump height, which equals more impact for your knees.

What are jump rope double unders?

Double Unders are a skill where the jump rope goes under your feet twice before your feet touch down. The double unders can be a strain on your ankles and knees, so it is important to have good form on your basic bounce FIRST.

The double under requires you to jump as high as possible with the rope going twice under your feet before coming back down. Watch this slow-motion version.

Double Under Form Tips

  1. Jump Height -When you first try a double under chances are you will jump MUCH higher than you need to. It takes time to get the feel for how high you really need to jump. Instead of jumping really high, think about lifting your toes in the air. Try not to kick your feet backwards. Start by working on your “power jump” where you go straight up.
  2. Wrist Action – You might find that your arms are doing too much of the work. It’s really your wrists and elbows that swing the rope. Coach Chris (who has great tutorials on IG), suggests that you act like you are shaking water off of your hands. Focus on turning your wrists quickly.
  3. Focus Eyes Out – Don’t look down at your feet or at the rope. Keep your eyes out in front of you.

Start with trying to get ONE double under after five single bounces. Once you get the rhythm and feel of one down you can try building two in a row. Don’t get discouraged if this takes a while, this is a difficult skill.

Once you get one under your belt the easiest way to achieve multiples is to get the rhythm down. Experts recommend doing this without a rope. Jump in the air and while you’re up tap your leg twice with your hands. Repeat. This helps your brain get the pace and rythm.

Which Jump Rope Is Best for Learning Double Unders?

I recommend using a PVC rope. PVC ropes are easier to spin quickly.

If you have more than one, use the shortest length when you are drilling your double unders. The longer the rope, the harder it is to get it around twice and the more you have to use your arms instead of your wrists.

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