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Jump Rope Skill Checklist – 21 Skills and Counting

If you are picking up the jump rope, this is a fun list to work your way through. Other websites might suggest that you can learn these skills in just a few days, but that was not the case for me. You don’t have to master a new skill every day, it’s fun to learn them at any pace.

I’ll walk you through the skills at a slower pace. You don’t have to have six-pack abs, be a professional athlete or be under thirty to learn tons of jump rope skills.

It can take weeks and months to perfect a skill. If you want to learn jump rope for the sheer joy of jumping, and the challenge it can provide for coordination, this list is for you. This is a place where you can see an average (over 50 person) learn the skills.

Here’s a list of jump rope skills, which I will keep building and sharing.

  1. Basic Bounce
  2. Boxer Step
  3. Alternating Foot
  4. High Knee
  5. Side Straddle
  6. Forward Straddle
  7. Shuffle Forward
  8. Heel Tap Front
  9. Swing to Open (Side Swing)
  10. Swing, Swing to Open (Double Side Swing)
  11. Cross over
  12. Arm Wrap
  13. Backwards Jump
  14. Jump Rope Twist
  15. Skier
  16. Heal Toe
  17. EB Swing
  18. Southpaw
  19. 360 turn
  20. Toad
  21. Double Under
  22. Dragon roll (I’m adding as I go)

For each skill, you can click through to see tips on how to perform the trick. I’ll also suggest which rope is the easiest to master the trick with and give you a few drills to help you get there.

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