pvc jump rope

PVC Jump Ropes: Everything You Need To Know

If you are thinking about jumping rope for fitness, the chances are high that you’ve seen or used a PVC jump rope. These ropes are what come up first (after children’s jump ropes) when you go to websites like Amazon.

pvc jump rope

Are PVC Jump Ropes Good?

These kinds of questions always have an “it depends” answer. PVC jump ropes are good for some things and bad for others.

These ropes are really great for speed because they are so light and can go around your body so fast. I used the Buddy Lee PVC jump rope for almost a year before even picking up another jump rope.

They are NOT GOOD for beginners because it’s hard to feel the rope’s movement. It took me a long time to build up to repetitions without tripping o the rope. Like anything, if you practice you can use a PVC rope even if you are just starting. Depending on the rope, it can be difficult to adjust the length. The Buddy Lee rope is adjustable, but you have to be sure when you adjust it. There is no going back once you cut the rope.

This rope isn’t bulky, so it’s a good rope to travel with if you want to keep jumping when you are out of town.

What is the Best Material For Skipping Rope?

Again, the answer is “it depends”. A short answer is any rope that gets you jumping is a good rope. If you are looking for speed, a PVC rope will get you the fastest jumping. They are the lightest ropes so you can whip them around the fastest.

PVC is the worst material in terms of tangles and knots in my experience. Sometimes I lay the rope down between sets somehow when I pick it up there’s a knot.

PVC ropes are not good for learning tricks because it’s hard to feel the rope. I thought this was crazy until I started using other jump ropes and then it was like a light bulb. You really can feel a heavier rope move around you, which can make it easier to learn.

If you haven’t checked out Buddy Lee’s jump rope web site, you should. The video of him jumping rope all around NY alone is worth a few minutes.

Jump Rope Material Comparison

Based on my experience, which at the time I’m writing this is a year of jumping rope at least 5 days a week.

Type of RopePVCBeadedWeighted
Best forSpeedNew tricksAmping up your workout to full body
Tangle/knot factorworst*very fewnot even possible
Adjustable lengthdependseasy to adjustYou have to buy the correct length
PriceMedium depending
on type of handle
(bearing handles are
more expensive)
InexpensiveMost expensive
Pain when you hit yourselfMediumLowHigh

* Many say they are “tangle free” but that is not my experience. I do set mine down quickly between sets. Maybe if I set it down more carefully.

I hope you found this helpful.

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