how to shorten a jump rope

How to Shorten Any Jump Rope

The length of your jump rope matters. If it’s too short, you miss a lot. If your rope is too long that’s bad too. You need to get the rope length just right for your height and skill level.

The perfect jump rope length for you will change over time. As you get better it gets shorter. You can read how to tell the right length for YOUR jump rope.

The way to shorten a jump rope depends on the type of rope you have. There are three basic types: PVC rope, beaded rope and weighted rope. I’ll show you how to shorten each type.

How to Shorten A Beaded Jump Rope

Beaded ropes are the EASY to shorten. There are five steps.

  1. Pull the rope out from the end of the handle and untie the knot
  2. Remove a few beads, you can always go back and pull more
  3. Retie the knot
  4. Cut the excess rope
  5. Burn the end to prevent it from unraveling

I recommend waiting to cut the rope just in case you went too short. I also like to leave extra rope in the handle because sometimes I lengthen the rope if I’m learning something new.

How to Shorten A Weighted Rope

The only weighted rope I use is the Crossrope. I’ve tried others, you can read about why I prefer these here.

These ropes can not be cut. Their website does an accurate job of estimating which size rope is best for you based on your height. I’ve used an XXS, an XS and a S-sized rope. It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears, one size will be just right. Unfortunately figuring that out can be expensive so use their height suggestion.

how to shorten weighted jump rope

If you get a rope that is too long, tie a tight knot close to the handle. This can really hurt when it hits you. If you find the knot is hitting you a lot, try moving it up or down a few inches.

How to Shorten a PVC or Speed Rope

These ropes are easy to shorten. Most brands have a plastic clip that sits down inside the handle. You simply release the clip, move it to the desired spot and put the clip back in place.

how to shorten pvc rope

I recommend NOT cutting the excess rope right away. I have found that I sometimes go back and lengthen my ropes again if I’m learning a new trick.

I hope this helped to show you how to cut a jump rope to size. If you have a rope that I didn’t cover, please ask in the comments. There are so many jump ropes out there.

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